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Our proprietary, green asphalt shingle treatment is truly the future of home improvement.

Our system is a bio-based, environmentally friendly rejuvenator that has been rigorously lab-tested and field-proven to replace oils in asphalt shingles which helps make them last considerably longer.


Asphalt roofs typically exhibit signs of aging after 8-10 years, which can vary based on region and environmental conditions. As the essential oils dry up, the shingle’s granular coating begins to wash into the gutters, resulting in a loss of its ability to hold the granular in place. This exposes the shingle to potential cracking and failure.

Our system works by restoring and preserving the essential oils within your asphalt shingles. Over time, these shingles tend to lose their natural oils, causing the granular coating to wash off and leaving the shingles susceptible to cracking and deterioration. Our product contains specialized compounds that penetrate the shingle’s surface, replenishing the lost oils and rejuvenating its structural integrity. By doing so, it reinforces the shingles’ ability to hold onto granules, thus enhancing their resilience and longevity. With each application, you can expect to add an impressive five years to the lifespan of your roof shingles. 

Application only takes a few hours!

Roof Renewal Slots are filling up fast.

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Free Estimate

When you request a free estimate, we will respond to you quickly by email and/or phone call.

From there, we’ll schedule a convenient time to inspect your roof at no charge. In order to provide standard full service and our warranty, the roof must qualify as follows:

  • minimal (<25%) granular loss
  • minimal cracked and loose shingles  
  • no missing/damaged shingles or flashing
  • no leaks through or damage to the decking
  • no damaged roof penetrations

We will provide an itemized quote for treatmentUpon your approval, we’ll proceed with the roof renewal. Payment by check or credit card is due upon satisfactory completion of services.

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